Projects supported

The Eiffage Foundation presents an average of 20 projects per year to its selection committee. The committee, made up of company employees and external experts, meets three times a year to validate projects. The Eiffage Foundation has supported more than 150 projects since it was set up in 2008.

* Adult literacy courses ;
* Integration of deaf children and adolescents into mainstream schools ;
* Courses to prepare young people for professional sports instructor qualifications ;
* Introduction to sustainable development for kindergarten children.

Employment and professional integration
* Integration through organic farming in rural areas ;
* Female entrepreneurship ;
* Integration projects in the construction trades ;
* Community bakery.

Access to housing
* Neighbour support for households in difficulty to help them towards an independent housing solution ;
* Assistance for people in extreme difficulty.

Sport and citizenship
* Introduction to judo for young people in priority urban areas ;
* Sports-based programme to prevent reoffending among prisoners ;
* Getting children involved in the “Si t’es fort” (If you’re strong) challenge.

* Participation of thousands of readers in panels for the “Festival du premier roman” (first novel festival) in Chambéry ;
* Visit to the Eiffel Tower for disadvantaged children.