Health & safety at work

Prevention of Psycho-Social Risks

Prevention of psychosocial risks is a cross-divisional theme at Eiffage. This involves:

curs_nav_down_1.gif Organising special training to develop the tools and behavioural skills required by managers in their work environments and for the management of their teams.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Addressing risks upstream as they emerge and notably through individual annual interviews, fifteen-minute safety sessions, etc.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Fostering a proper balance between work and personal life, a theme promoted by Eiffage senior management, notably during internal conventions.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Providing support for solidarity-related projects in which Eiffage employees are involved during their free time through associations working in the general interest. The Eiffage Foundation was created, notably, to promote this type of balance between work and personal life.