Our Values


The CREPI (Clubs régionaux d’entreprises pour l’insertion) regional “companies for integration” movement is a network of non-profit clubs set up by Eiffage as early as 1993. Club members include companies from all sectors of activity that are committed to acting in favour of vocational integration.

The CREPI clubs:

curs_nav_down.gif Assist companies with their recruitment needs;
curs_nav_down_1.gif Enable jobseekers to access employment or work-study programmes;
curs_nav_down_1.gif Harness companies’ resources in the area of corporate social responsibility, in accordance with urban, social-cohesion and employment policies.

More than 400 companies are members of CREPI clubs and thousands of employment contracts (work-study programmes, fixed-term employment contracts, permanent contracts, etc.) have been entered into since 1993, with financial assistance from public and private players.