Multi-year partnerships

The Foundation also develops multi-year partnerships that are selected by the executive committee. The executive committee meets twice a year to decide on the Foundation’s main areas of focus and vote on multi-year projects:

“Compagnons Bâtisseurs, 2013-2016: providing support for disadvantaged families to improve their housing.

logo compagnons.png

“La Fondation du BTP, 2014-2017: preventing addiction among young work-study employees working on Eiffage construction sites.

logo fondation du BTP.png

“Le Jardin Pêcheur”, 2014-2017: spin-off restaurant adapted to the employment of people with disabilities.

logo jardin pêcheur.png

-  “La Voûte Nubienne”, 2014-2017: building traditional earth brick buildings for people living in the Sahel.

logo voûte nubienne.png

- “ATD Quart-Monde”, 2015-2018: testing integration projects exclusively dedicated to the long-term unemployed.



“Passeport Avenir”, 2015-2018: helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds integrate engineering jobs, with the help of volunteer tutors (Eiffage employees).

logo - Passeport Avenir.gif