Smartseille: the first implemented eco-neighbourhood by Eiffage

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This pioneering eco-neighbourhood project is a proving ground for the concepts developed by Phosphore, Eiffage research programme, not only for the innovations that will be implemented but also in terms of the design methodology applied. On the basis of its HQVie® (High Quality of Life®) standard, Smartseille eco-neighbourhood demonstrator must not only set an example in terms of environmental performance, but also, taking the context and local specificities into account, be seen to benefit community life.

As a way to explore further developments in Marseille, Smartseille+ has been awarded « Industrial demonstrator for sustainable city », by the Ministry of Ecology and of Housing. It is then one of the showcase projects of french know-how in terms of sustainable urban development, designated by the new Institute of sustainable city (IVD) which creation was announced on Decembre 23.

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