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In 2014, Phosphore has taken an international turn with the Astainable® project - in reference to the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana. 
The request for proposals issued in 2013 by France's Foreign Trade Ministry and the Treasury and Economic Policy Department (DGTPE) aimed to provide a virtual shop window, contextualised in a real-life location, for the full spectrum of French industrial, technical and technological expertise available to support the emergence of a sustainable city.
The contract was awarded to Astainable®, a consortium led by Eiffage in partnership with EGIS, ENGIE, Poma, Suez Environnement, Enodo and PGA. The consortium’s role is to promote French excellence in the various "bricks" that make  up a sustainable city, including ecomobility, energy expertise, responsible water and waste management, sustainable construction, digital and information technologies, and farming and nature in urban environments.