Respect for Suppliers

Eiffage’s ambitions in terms of integration of sustainable development within the businesses requires understanding of the expectations and requirements for it among employees who are active in the purchasing functions and their application to all of the steps of the purchasing process.

Suppliers and sub-contractors, who are components of the value of the Group (close to 50% of its revenues) and contributors in terms of innovation and responsible purchasing, represent one of the levers for development in service of the sustainable development policy.

Purchasing policy

Purchasing contributes directly to answer to the sustainable development issues:

- contributing to the control of risks in terms of professional ethics;

- constituting an important economic and social lever to serve the Group and its partners, suppliers and sub-contractors;

- maintaining local jobs to benefit the territories where the Group has operations.

After the drawing up of the Purchasing Code of Conduct in 2009, an Eiffage Responsible Purchasing Policy was formalized in 2010 and since then it has oriented the purchasing strategy of the Group, highlighting the following factors:

- integration of Sustainability criteria in the General Terms and Conditions of Group Contract;

- establishment of sustainable and equitable relations with suppliers and sub-contractors who share the environmental, employee and social values of Eiffage, with special attention paid to SME and local actors;

- referencing and allocation of supplier and subcontractor contracts, taking into account expertise and local and regional strengths (SME, local branches of nationwide suppliers, etc.);

- development of purchases that contribute to the placement and employment of handicapped workers;

- efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; - professionalization of buyers;

- support for innovation by entering into partnerships that are structurally relevant in terms of expertise.