Respect for Sub-Contracting Firms

The CDAF (Association of Buyers of France), based on a request from the Credit Mediation, drew up guidelines of good conduct to organize the relationship between major principals and SMEs.

Eiffage has been committed as of the conception phase to this approach through its Purchasing Coordination, and on February 11, 2010 it signed the Credit Mediation Guidelines (that named now Supplier responsible relations Guidelines) which set forth 10 commitments for purchasing managers:

- guaranteeing financial equity with respect to suppliers ;

- promoting collaboration among the major principals and strategic suppliers;

- reducing the risks of reciprocal dependencies between principals and suppliers;

- involving the major principals in their sector;

- evaluating the total cost of the purchase;

- including the environmental dimension in purchasing;

- supervising the territorial responsibility of the company ;

- professionalizing buyers and the third parties in charge of purchasing;

- monitoring supplier relations through the purchasing function ;

- remunerating buyers according to a policy that is coherent with the principles of the guidelines.

The proper application of these Guidelines, disseminated by the branch Presidents in mid-2010 to the entire community of buyers and referenced suppliers and sub-contractors, benefits from the action of the Mediator of the Group in this field. These Guidelines is now a part of the Purchasing Code of Conduct.