Guidelines of values and goals of Eiffage

Responsability, trust, transparency, exemplarity, lucidity, courage and pugnacity : the Eiffage Values and Goals Guidelines assert these values that constitute the guiding principles of the Group’s commitments with respect to its in-house and outside stakeholders.

Eiffage Values and Goals Guidelines constitute the common federating base of the entities that make up Eiffage which set forth the intangible principles of the Group. These principles involve customer satisfaction, the respect due to employees, balanced relations with shareholders and the taking into account of the expectations of the various stakeholders of Eiffage, such as its partners, suppliers and sub-contractors, public authorities, associations, local residents, etc.

These highlighted values are:

- responsibility towards employees and the hierarchy, towards clients and partners;

- trust in all employees, between businesses of the Group, between operational and functional departments; 

- transparency: essential for the respect of the values of trust and responsibility, it motivates all employee’s duty to alert, justifies the reinforcement of audit and control procedures and the assistance that all employees must lend to them;

- exemplarity of the directors;

- the respect due to customers, employees, suppliers and all business partners;

- the forbidding of all conflicts of interest and moderation in functional expenditures and the reimbursement of expenses;

- lucidity regarding the evolution and the outlook for the evolution of Eiffage’s markets; 

- courage and pugnacity, values that are necessary to overcome periods of more moderate activity.