Key figures

curs_nav_down_1.gif The Eiffage Group employs 64 093 people at the end of 2015. 

curs_nav_down_1.gif More than 3 000 employees are recruited in France each year, including over 700 management staff.

curs_nav_down_1.gif More than 2 600 work-study students are taken on in France each year, either under apprenticeship contracts or professional training contracts. 

curs_nav_down_1.gif Around 2 800 interns are accepted in France in all Eiffage fields of activity.

curs_nav_down_1.gif More than 100 different nationalities work within the Eiffage Group.

curs_nav_down_1.gif Proportion of women in the total workforce : 12.74 %

curs_nav_down_1.gif Proportion of women in management positions in the total workforce : 16.34 %

curs_nav_down_1.gif Number of employees recruited under the age of 26 : 1 367 in France in 2015.

curs_nav_down_1.gif Number of employees recruited  over the age of 50 : 227 in France in 2015.