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The apprenticeship charter, which was signed in 2005, is a key element in Eiffage’s commitments in the areas of recruitment and work-study training. More than 2,200 contracts, covering all types of employment, have been signed with people whose qualifications run from certificates of professional competence (CAPs) to engineering degrees, and more than half of those concerned have taken up permanent positions within the Group.
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Equal opportunities in education
Through more than 500 Group sites in France, Eiffage works to promote equal opportunities in education. The actions undertaken are wide-ranging and include internship offers, visits by teachers and an introduction to the Group’s business lines and working environment. Plan Espoir Banlieues In 2008, Eiffage signed the Plan Espoir Banlieues (“suburban hope” plan), concerning the recruitment of young people aged under 26 living in disadvantaged urban areas or in areas covered by so-called urban social-cohesion contracts. Within two years, the Group provided such young people with more than 2,300 vocational opportunities (work-study programmes, fixed-term employment contracts, permanent contracts, etc.).
Commitment to society
The creation of the Eiffage Foundation in 2008 demonstrated the Group’s determination to promote social solidarity. The Foundation supports initiatives designed to foster all kinds of vocational integration, as well as environmental protection. Eiffage is also a member of the CREPI (Clubs régionaux d’entreprises pour l’insertion) regional “companies for integration” movement, which is wholly dedicated to fostering vocational integration.
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Sustainable development
To achieve long-term viability, companies need growth strategies that are fully compatible with the principles of sustainable development, a fact of which Eiffage was aware long before sustainable development became the focus of media attention. Eiffage’s Sustainable Development department is a powerhouse of ideas and innovation for the Group’s activities.
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