Board of Directors


Benoît de Ruffray              Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jean-François Roverato   Vice Chairman, Senior Director



Thérèse CORNIL Former chairman, Conseil national de valorisation ferroviaire (CNVF)
Laurent DUPONT COO at a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction
Jean-Yves GILET Executive Director, BPIFrance Participations ETi/GE
Jean GUÉNARD Former chairman, Eiffaime
Marie LEMARIÉ Head of Investments (Financial Department) at Groupama
Dominique MARCEL Chairman of the Management Board, Compagnie des Alpes
Carol XUEREF General Secretary, Essilor International SA
Isabelle SALAÜN CEO and founder of Nirine Conseil

Non-voting member



Honorary president and administrator of Crédit du Nord