Health & safety at work

Accident Prevention

The prevention of work accidents is a core component of human-resources policy throughout the Group, and constitutes a key commitment on the part of Group management. The Eiffage Charter of Values and Objectives states that “compliance with health & safety rules is the cornerstone of a work-accident prevention policy. The objective is zero accident”. The framework agreements entered into with temporary work agencies contain specific clauses concerning the safety of temporary staff working on Eiffage projects.

Work-accident prevention takes different forms depending on the specific characteristics and organisational structures of individual Eiffage divisions:

curs_nav_down_1.gif Organisation of fifteen-minute safety sessions.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Sharing of best practices by site managers.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Meetings of all employees of an entity, at which all aspects of health & safety are examined.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Development of new working methods.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Optimisation of equipment in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Workstation modifications.
curs_nav_down_1.gif Development of prefabricated modules to improve working conditions.